Our Products

The Good Stuff

We developed a product range that consists of easy to prepare salads, rice bowls, burritos, pasta bowls, smoothies, juices, sandwiches, power bowls,  bagels, soups, kids meals and desserts, all made from 100 % plant-based ingredients

Fresh and Frozen Meal Plans

3 types of meal plans and a custom-made option have allowed many people to achieve their health and weight loss goals. Our promise is to encourage guests in their pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle and for our food to not only nutritionally support health and fitness goals, but genuinely help guests reach them. Meal plans are pre-packaged meals that will be delivered or picked up by the customer on a designated day and time. The customer will have the choice of coming in every day (fresh meal plan) or also choose to pick up their meal plan for the week (frozen meal plan). Below is a list of the different types of meal plans we offer our customers:

1. Weight Balance Meal Plan

  • 1200 calories for women
  • 1500 calories for men

2. Juice Balance Meal Plan

  • 1200 calories for women
  • 1500 calories for men

3. Balance Life Meal Plan

  • 1800 calories for women
  • 2100 calories for men

4. Custom Meal Programs

Soy/Gluten-Free Meal Plans, Diabetes Meal Plans, Athletes Meal Plans, Students Meal Plans, etc

3 Gift Cards Options

Our gift cards attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and improve sales. Three options to choose from:

E-Gift Cards by email

Plastic Gift Cards by mail

Bulk Gift Cards

Catering & Event Services

As a growing business within the health and nutrition world, our catering services are highly anticipated. We provide catering services for all sorts of occasions – from birthday parties to office gatherings – and we are open to all suggestions and modifications of meals. Our catering services work in a very efficient way, whether it is an online order on our main website or a simple call to the customer's local Seeds Restaurant.

Salad Kits

We offer a unique way of allowing our customers to prepare their own salads with our ingredients at home. Salad kits are pre-packaged ingredients that will be sent to our customers so that they can make our restaurant styled salads in the comfort of their own home!

School Lunch Program

Our School Lunch Program provides a very healthy alternative to the 'pizza day' norm. Schools will benefit from it all while generating a big number of orders.

2 Types Of Fundraisings

Fundraising is one of the most effective ways to make a positive social impact in or on our community. Great for both host locations and local community organizations, fundraisers bring money to important causes while also building deeper connections within the community. A win-win situation. Developing these ongoing relationships benefits the restaurant and positions the brand as an engaged, community steward.

Delivery Services

By offering delivery, we'll be able to serve a wider range of customers. We will also see an increase in check sizes from online and delivery orders compared to dine-in orders. That’s why, in addition to offering our menu items as take-out, we’ve partnered with delivery apps like SkipTheDishes, DoorDash, and UberEats to make it easier for our guests to enjoy our menu — and easier for you to grow your bottom line!

Reward Program

With Seeds Restaurants Reward programs, we give our customers an opportunity to display their loyalty to our restaurant(s). customers will earn points for their purchases which they will then be able to redeem and receive discounts on in-store purchases. Customers can also earn points doing things like liking us on Facebook or following us on Instagram.

When it comes to international expansion, the product range will be adapted to the local food culture, while still keeping the same value proposition.

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