Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Seeds?

Seeds is a vegetarian online Food & Beverages delivery platform for people across the Europe. Seeds offering the widest choice of food for our customers whatever, when and wherever they want to eat.

How it works?

Customers use our website to discover the new & delicious food and order on their favorite place.Seeds make the fresh food with honest ingredients. Customers can make their payment flawlessly and securely on the website

What is different in Seeds from other online food delivery websites?

Customers can customize food with their favorite ingredients. They can add toppings in the food and make according to his/her requirements.

What is Gift Card?

Gift card is electronic generated E-card for someone special. Gift card is receiving by email id. If you are shopping for your someone special and confuse what but not sure what to give them? just give them the gift card from the

What should I do if I have a problem with my order?

Don’t worry, Seeds Support team is here for your help.You can write your problem send us via contact form.Customers can leave feedback for our website for upgrade the website.