Frequently Ask Question

Is My Group Eligible?

Eligible groups include charitable organizations, non-profit schools and community groups. Examples of organizations we support through Fundraisers includes Soccer Clubs, Schools, Senior Communities, Church Groups, Parent Teacher Organizations, School Bands, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Preschools, Cheerleading Squads, Camps, Student Councils, Little League Teams, High School Sports Teams, Sororities/Fraternities, Swim Teams, and more!

What Percentage Of Sales From The Fundraising Event Does My Organization Receive?

In shop fundraising:  20% of all food and beverage sales generated from your event will be donated directly to your organization, excluding tax, gratuity, Gift Card and retail sales.

Scrip Fundraising: 10% discount on gift card.

How Does The Organization Receive Credit For Purchases?

Fundraiser guests are required to present a printed or electronic version of the flyer to your server with each order to receive credit. Your organization receives credit for dine-in, take-out and catering purchases. Not valid for third party delivery partners. Flyers cannot be distributed inside or in the direct vicinity of our restaurants, including the parking lot, before or during the event.

When Can My Organization Host An Event?

We usually book Fundraising events weekly from Monday-Thursday. A minimum two weeks’ notice is required to schedule your event. This window gives you the chance to spread the word to your group’s friends, followers and supporters to maximize attendance.

How Often Can I Schedule A Fundraising Event?

Ready to book another event? This is getting serious. Fundraising events can be scheduled every 30 days with at least two weeks’ notice.

Do we need staff or team members from our organization there to facilitate or work the fundraiser?

We don’t need staff or team members to be there during the fundraiser to facilitate, however, keep in mind that you do need your supporters to show up and tell our cashiers that they’re there supporting the fundraiser (which is how your group raises funds for the event). The more money spent by your supporters, the more you receive back.

How Much Money Did My Organization Raise?

The manager at our location can let you know the total amount of money raised from your event the day afterwards.

When Can I Expect My Fundraiser Check?

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing, excluding delivery time.

I want to have the check made out to me directly instead of an organization.

We are unable to write checks to individuals, only to organizations. We ask for your organization’s federal tax information in order to verify everything and ensure we can write you a check after your fundraiser.