Why Seeds

  • Healthy, clean and delicious
  • Fresh, same day prepared
  • Comply with Ontario’s new School Food and Beverage Policy [PPM 150]
  • We use Canada’s Food Guide to prepare our meals
  • All of our school meals are prepared in a separate nut-free area of our kitchen
  • Raise funds for your school
  • Easy to organize. We take care of most aspects of the program, from preparing our order forms and envelopes for distribution, program administration and payment collection to handling all of the delivery of lunches.
  • Compostable or recyclable packaging

How it works

Seeds will come to your school to collect all the information needed and to answer all of your questions.

Once we have all the information about your school, we will arrange for you to receive the order forms and envelopes, created specifically for your school’s event.

Teachers send our simple order forms to the parents to complete.

Parents complete the order forms and send it back to the school with the payment enclosed.

Teachers collect the order forms/payments and place them in a Master envelop we provide.

Seeds will arrange to pick up the Master envelopes.

Meals are prepared the day of the school event, pre-portioned, individually wrapped and label with student’s name and classroom.

Seeds will be delivered directly to your school for easy distribution.

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