We choose the veggies and fruits with most nutritional value and created a menu full of flavor and healthiness, visit us today and choose from a variety of kale, lettuce, mix greens, and more than 60 toppings, from tomatoes and roasted peppers to more daring flavors such as spicy jalapenos and dairy free cheese. Add in a protein such as Smoked Tempeh, Baked Falafel, BBQ Tofu, BBQ Seitan or Sesame Tofu and finish with a drizzle of any of our signature oil free house-made dressings. All dressings here at Seeds are handmade daily in small batches to guarantee freshness, our salads, pasta and rice Bowls and Burritos are completely customizable, and all of our nutritional information is readily available, including the glycemic index, allowing you to make decisions that satisfy your taste buds and unique dietary needs. Our smoothies and juices are full of mineral and vitamins that the body needs to start the day, try our specialty bagels or LG (Low Glycemic) whole grains sandwiches. Our toast are full of flavor. We use 100% organic non-GMO soy ingredients and our salads are made with organic leafy greens where available.


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