Our Offer

Market Research

Before opening a new Seeds, our market researchers will help you identify a specific demographic to target, based on certain spending habits, thought patterns and behaviour within the community so that you can tailor your menu and services to it and only it.


We will assist you with choosing a location and designing your store. We’ll also help you with lease negotiations and approve all final lease agreements.

Store Design & Build Out

The most impressive result of our branding can be seen in the sophisticated and guest-friendly design of our stores. While focused on creating intelligent traffic patterns and optimizing the guest experience, our design features are inviting and fresh. Seeds’ purpose shines clear through the ability to understand its target audience. We also have incredible design prototypes for non-traditional units that can be found in airports, malls, and unique drive-thru locations.

Training Included

Our proactive approach ensures that you have all the information you need to start your business, including opening your bank account, installing your Point of Sale System (POS), obtaining the correct insurance coverage, setting up merchant accounts, selecting and training your employees, and ordering your initial food inventory. We will be working alongside you in your restaurant when it opens to ensure that your business starts off on the right foot.

Key Suppliers

Finding key suppliers for everything needed in the restaurant is essential for cost optimization.

Marketing Support Before, During, And After Grand Opening

How do we help you keep your restaurant busy? Advertising! We train and assist our franchise owners with a variety of marketing mediums to ensure that your local Seeds is known to your communities. From public relations to social media and direct mail…we’ve got your back here.

In-Field And Corporate Support Before, During And After Opening.

As needed, we will continue to periodically visit your location to ensure your store is consistently running efficiently, help answer any new questions, as well as ensure the brand standards are being maintained. Our talented field of operations managers have years of experience supporting the Seeds family in all areas from scheduling and inventory to marketing and reviewing financials. They understand what it takes to operate a successful Seeds Restaurant.

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